About us

The history of John Walker Chocolatier began just like all great legacies - with a dream.  William Walker began wholesaling confectionery in Perth during the Depression. Apart from wholesaling confectionery, William Walker moved the family business into manufacturing. 

His sons, Robert and John, keen to work with their father, followed and joined the business the “Walker Candy Company.” Their father, providing a strong foundation in the art of manufacturing confectionery led them to enter the niche market of high quality chocolate. The quest then began to make the finest chocolate possible and effectively, this was the beginning of John Walker Chocolatier as it known today.

The candy operation was sold to enable the development of fine chocolate manufacturing and retail operations.

And Many Years Ahead...

After many years of extensive research, overseas trips and training in New York, the new corporate brand was born “John Walker Chocolatier” and the first store in Claremont was opened in 1985.  John Walker Chocolatier grew quickly and established a reputation for supplying the world’s best chocolate.

Unfortunately Robert became ill in 2006 and had to leave the business.  John, taking on both roles continued his passion and is now one of the most experienced and qualified leading Chocolatier’s in Australia. John’s skill in chocolate in production includes formula development, research and development, manufacturing systems, production scheduling and quality control. 

These days, John Walker Chocolatier provides chocolate through its stores in Perth and also to 5 star Hotels and fine Restaurants.  In addition, we provide over sixty varieties of high quality confectionary and strive to produce innovative gift and novelty lines to keep our ever expanding loyal customers guessing and delighted.

John Walker Chocolatier has won many prestigious awards over the years, including the coveted Alfred Stauder Award for Excellence, at the Sydney, Melbourne and Perth Shows.

In fact, John Walker Chocolatier is the most highly awarded chocolate in the country. 

John Walker Chocolatier produces a large range of handmade and finely crafted chocolates in our factory in Perth, WA. Products include chocolate gift boxes, chocolate gift hampers, personalised giant chocolate freckles, novelty chocolate and chocolate bars. View our chocolate products page for the full range.

Enjoy our chocolates in our Perth chocolate stores or shop online today!

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